AACCO Community Relief Project

We’re thrilled to report that we were able to provide free community relief packages to many members of our community last Sunday!  Thank you all for supporting us and for supporting each other.  Each package contained plenty of dry goods (flour, lentils, rice), olive oil, and coupons for other necessities at local grocers.  We are grateful to those of you who contacted us with support, donations, and energy to elevate the project and spread the word to those who needed it.

And we’re even more thrilled to announce that we’ll be doing this again—this time on Friday, May 22.  We will be back at Sesame Donuts (address below) with another supply of free relief packages.  Like last time, we have limited supply, so please drop by early.  You do not need to come into the store.  We encourage you to wear a mask if you drop by to pick up a package.
Friday, May 22, 2020
12 to 3 pm
Sesame Donuts
1503 SW Park Ave., Ste. B
Portland, OR 97201
AACCO board members at last weekend’s event